Man holding a brown pot with smoke during a Mayan ceremony in Tulum, Mexico
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Can myths and business coexist in the forests? -podcast

Lukuaika: < 1 min.

Can myths and business coexist in the forests? In this Versus podcast episode post-doctoral researcher Violeta Gutiérrez-Zamora from Luke and Versus editor-in-chief Anna Heikkinen discuss the plural values and uses of the forests. 

We talk about mountain spirits in Mexico’s forests, reflect critically on Finnish forest management and ask whether the bamboo cultivation in Laos offers a genuinely sustainable alternative to use the forests.

Listen to the podcast (duration 25:02)

The podcast is produced by Versus as a part of “Hyviä ympäristöuutisia”-project funded by Suomen Tiedetoimittajat.

Header photo: Jimmy Salazar/Unsplash