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Phillip Vannini: “Disentangling wild places”

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Phillip Vannini has been traveling with his collaborator and wife, April Vannini for the last three years to ten Canadian and altogether twelve international UNESCO world heritage sites and natural heritage sites, in order to document the multiple meanings of wild and wild nature and “in order to understand what natural heritage means in the anthropocene”.

“For a lot of people living off the grid is about falling in love with a piece of land they really, really enjoy being in and then making virtue out of necessity by recreating the common comforts and conveniences of the typical home.”

Watch Vannini’s interview and keynote lecture from YHYS Colloquium below.

Versus interview: Professor Phillip Vannini, Royal Roads University

YHYS Colloquium Keynote presentation 4: Professor Phillip Vannini, Royal Roads University: “Disentangling wild places” 23.11.2018