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Sámi´s enactments of the Arctic Railway: sustainable development or environmental injustice?

Lukuaika: 8 min. Since the construction of a railway between Rovaniemi and Kirkenes was put on the political agenda in 2017, Sámi have articulated that the Arctic Railway would undermine capabilities essential to the functioning and flourishing of the Sámi community. In her text based on the master’s thesis, Anna Ott articulates for the environmental injustices the planning of Artic Railway may cause.

An abstract illustrative image for the article on inclusivity in urban planning. The silhouettes of the heads of two humans are seen through a frosted glass window. In front of the windows there is a handrail made of metal.
English Gradusta asiaa

Designing to the margins: inclusivity in urban planning

Lukuaika: 7 min. Who is considered when cities are designed? This article addresses urban planning from an intersectional perspective, which allows planners to understand that experiences of space and mobility are different depending on individuals’ identities or intersections of identities. Intersectionality will help us design better cities for everyone, even those living at the margins.