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Versus is an online research forum published by three scientific societies (Society for Regional and Environmental Studies, Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science, Geographical Society of Finland). Its aim is to make research more visible and effective by publishing popularized versions of scholarly work and creating discussion between researchers, experts, students, and other potential audiences. Versus offers visibility and societal impact in three formats.

Research Debate builds on research-based texts (about 1000 words), accompanied by 2–4 (possibly provocative) commentaries by representatives of potential audiences. The original research article or other research material (e.g. lecture, presentation) is published as part of the debate in an open access format.

Thesis Corner introduces thought-provoking synopses from Master’s theses, be it the major results, a particular viewpoint, or a practical or theoretical claim (about 700-1000 words). Commentaries may be invited for theses-based texts as well.

Critical Space publishes scientific and research-related viewpoints and commentaries that can be presented in the form of text and images, podcast, or video. Various kinds of publications are accepted in this section, therefore the final form and content is agreed upon with the Versus editors.

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Do not hesitate to contact the Versus editors for more information. We look forward to your contribution!


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